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Membership Guide
Really, anyone who wants to be involved in Interact can be involved in Interact! All that is required is the attendance of 60% of the Interact meetings. To put it into perspective, if Interact is required to have two meetings a month every month for the year, each member has to attend at least twelve of the required twenty meetings. It's that simple!

Joining Interact is as easy as pie! All you have to do is show up to a meeting! The only other thing that has to be done to make it official is for the person to sign a declaration of interest stating that he or she will attend 60% of the Interact meetings for the year. After that, he or she is a full-fledged member of Interact. It couldn't be more simple!

But more specifically, Interact is made up of four officers (the president, the vice-president, the treasurer, and the secretary) and eight committee board members (two club committee chairs, two community service committee chairs, two international committee chairs, and two finance committee chairs) who govern Interact.

The president oversees the activity of Interact as well as corresponds with Rotary in compliance with Interact. The vice-president helps the president do his job as well as oversees the work of the treasurer and secretary. The treasurer keeps track of the capital that is invested into community activities and the like and the secretary keeps track of the minutes during the Interact meetings as well as any paper work related to Interact.

The Club Committee Chairs are responsible for the "advertisement" of Interact throughout the course of the year. The Community Service Committee Chairs are responsible for coming up with community activities and planning them out for Interact to do. The International Committee Chairs are responsible for coming up with international activities and planning them out for Interact to do and the Finance Committee Chairs are responsible for coming up with fund raisers to provide Interact with capital to invest into it's community and international activities.

The non-officer/board member members of Interact will be able to choose which committee that they would like to be a part of at one of the early meetings of Interact. From then on, they will help put projects concerning their committee into action.

Interact is located within the walls of the Vestal Senior High School, and more specifically, in the health room. Actually, that's where the Interact meetings are. Interact works all throughout the community as well as internationally, though not as much. So you could say that Interact is located all around the region....and even beyond!

Generally, Interact meets in the afternoon, right after school, until late bus. So meetings are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about an hour to an hour and a half each meeting. As soon as the meetings are scheduled, they will be listed on this page. All meetings are subject to a possible change, so check back here regularly to make sure you know about them if they do change. Flyers will be posted around the school about upcoming meetings and meetings will also be mentioned in the morning announcements.


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