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Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people ages 14- 18. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.

Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of:

...Developing leadership skills and personal integrity;

...Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others;

...Advancing international understanding and goodwill.


Relationship Between Interact And Rotary

Interactors help with projects organized by their sponsoring Rotary clubs. In the developing world, Interact Clubs have played a major role in PolioPlus-Rotary International's massive effort to immunize all children against the polio. Interactors help by publicizing the availability and importance of polio vaccination for children throughout the community and by performing a variety of vital tasks on immunization day.

Sponsoring Rotary Club helps Interact Club by:


-Select representatives to attend every Interact Club meeting

-Undertake joint projects with the Interact Club

-Offer guidance and support on active service projects

-Provide the Interact Club with financial support if needed

While Interact allows Rotary to share with youth under their sponsorship,  it helped Rotarians in :


-It has increased the desire of Rotarians to serve

-It has helped keep our ideas young.

-We have become more enthusiastic in our activities.

-Our community is well aware that our club is working on youth activities.

-Develop a link between young people and adults leading to a better understand of the problems and viewpoints of each.

-Will help to accomplish projects of a much larger scope through the cooperative use of time, talent, and energy & by Rotarians and youth.

-Interact provides a sense of accomplishment and pride in the Rotary Club.

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